30 Minute Italian

Learn why you keep making mistakes with prepositions in Italian and how you can make less mistakes in the future.

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Learn where a native Italian from the south of Italy suggests you should visit, what you should definitely eat, and her favorite idiomatic words and phrases.

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Learn what you can do to practice your Italian while you're traveling to Italy as an Italian language learner.

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If you've hit a wall with Italian, you'll love this episode. Learn why your Italian doesn't sound like a natural or native Italian and how you can work on sounding more native.

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Learn how to understand and use the words tale, eccome and semmai in Italian.

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Learn how to improve your pronunciation in Italian as well as memorize hundreds of vocabulary words within 4-6 months.

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Learn how to use the gerund tense in Italian or the tense that talks about what is happening in the moment.

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Learn how to understand and use the words anzi, dunque and piuttosto in Italian.

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Learn 23 mantras for increasing your motivation to study Italian, nine small fixes for studying Italian more and how to use these mantras every single day.

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