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Sentence structure is incredibly important to sounding natural in Italian. Here is how you structure basic sentences in Italian.

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Here are twelve phrases in Italian that are typically used with the subjunctive mood to express thoughts, opinions, desires, fear, etc.

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Learn how to use the words appena, addirittura, comunque and quindi in Italian.

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See examples of what it means when a verb is regular or irregular in Italian and how -are, -ire, and -ere verbs are conjugated in Italian in the present tense.

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Learn how to use relative and absolute superlatives in the Italian language along with examples.

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Learn a few of the methods Luca has used to learn twelve languages on his own along with how to hone your Italian accent.

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Learn how to make your verbs, adjectives, and objects agree in Italian between masculine/feminine and singular/plural with examples.

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Meet Rosangela, a native Italian speaker, who draws to help other learn Italian vocabulary and phrases. This interview is entirely in Italian and transcripts can be found in the show notes.

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Learn about what the Veneto region was like while Monica Cesarato grew up, how it is now, and the beautiful (& sometimes scary) history it has.

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Learn why you keep making mistakes with prepositions in Italian and how you can make less mistakes in the future.

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Learn where a native Italian from the south of Italy suggests you should visit, what you should definitely eat, and her favorite idiomatic words and phrases.

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Learn what you can do to practice your Italian while you're traveling to Italy as an Italian language learner.

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If you've hit a wall with Italian, you'll love this episode. Learn why your Italian doesn't sound like a natural or native Italian and how you can work on sounding more native.

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Learn how to understand and use the words tale, eccome and semmai in Italian.

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Learn how to improve your pronunciation in Italian as well as memorize hundreds of vocabulary words within 4-6 months.

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Learn how to use the gerund tense in Italian or the tense that talks about what is happening in the moment.

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Learn how to understand and use the words anzi, dunque and piuttosto in Italian.

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Learn 23 mantras for increasing your motivation to study Italian, nine small fixes for studying Italian more and how to use these mantras every single day.

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In this episode, I chat with Gail Mencini, author of the fictional novel To Tuscany with Love, about experiencing an authentic Italy and telling your story.

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Learn how to form and use articulated prepositions in Italian. (al, sul, nell', dall', etc.)

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Learn about authentic Italian cooking, learning Italian and raising an organic garden in Tuscany, Italy with Simonetta and Paola from Toscana Mia.

You'll learn:

  • Which one mistake most Americans make when cooking pasta
  • How they are able to grow organic vegetables (and some tips for dealing with pests that include beer)
  • One simple pasta recipe that you can make today
  • How to know what good olive oil really is and how much it should cost
  • How to find good olive oil in America
  • How Italians learn Italian growing up
  • Two tips for foreigners learning Italian that makes grammar muc
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Simple Prepositions in Italian {or why the smallest words hurt the most}

Click play on the player at the bottom to listen to this podcast or listen to it on Stitcher or iTunes.

All on their own, prepositions can be a pain in the butt.

This is especially when you're at an upper intermediate level, and you think you're getting the hang of Italian and THE ONLY THING THAT KEEPS MESSING YOU UP IS PREPOSITIONS.

{No personal experience or anything. No. I'm not yelling.}

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Learn how to research your Italian ancestry and genealogy with Mary Tedesco from Origins Italy.

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